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Required Documents - Returning Students


Annual Registration

Below is a list of the documents you'll need to complete the Annual Registration Process for Carlsbad Unified School District. Please make sure you have all of these with you when you attend your registration event this summer.

check boxResidency Verification. This form must be printed and filled out annually.  In case you have misplaced the one you downloaded during the Data Confirmation process, copies are available here:

check boxIn order to complete enrollment, the parent or guardian must also provide two documents from the list below to support the residency verification form and the residency affidavit. (P.O. Box addresses are NOT accepted)

  • Current SDG&E Bill
    Provide us with a copy of the entire first page of current bill or a copy of the “detailed bill” from the SDG&E website.

  • Current Water Bill
    Provide us with a copy of the entire first page of current bill or a copy of the “detailed bill” from the City website.

  • Final Escrow papers
    Requires SDG&E bill (entire first page or online copy of “detailed bill”) or City water bill or online copy.

  • Current Lease Agreement
    Current Original Lease Agreement with Management/Landlord’s contact information. (If the lease has expired and is now month-to-month, an original letter on company letterhead from the manager/landlord indicating the parents are current residents is required.)

check boxSignature Verification Page - Please print out, sign and bring with you to the Registration Event

check boxA signed Student Emergency Card. You were provided a link to print an updated one at the end of the Data Confirmation process in the Parent Portal. Otherwise, you will have fill it out by hand, and go through a separate line at Registration so your information can be verified.

check boxIf a student needs medical services performed at school OR needs to take medication at school, other forms are required:

check boxIndividual schools may have additional site-specific documents or processes that need to be completed.  Please click on the link below to view your site’s requirements: